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Targeted Advertising

Are you interested in Targeted Advertising in northern El Paso County? Our Neighborhood Newsletters serve the exclusive Northern El Paso County neighborhoods of Gleneagle, Northgate/Flying Horse, Jackson Creek and Woodmoor. Advertise in Monument to reach some of the county's most exclusive clients.

You may choose to advertise in one, two, three, or all four neighborhoods. By participating as an advertiser in our homeowner-driven publications, you align your name, logo and message within a specific neighborhood. Become a familiar, comfortable and relevant part of the community life of the neighborhood.

See our Deadlines and Rates below for more details. To get in on the next issue, call Michelle Barrette at 719-484-0384 or email at michelle@barrettegraphics.com.

Ad Design

We can create your ad using materials you supply, or accept a camera-ready (which means designed and ready to print exactly as you provide it) file from you.

When creating your ad, include a headline and body copy, a logo or business name, contact info, and ideally a graphic or photo.

If you're unable to provide your ad camera-ready, we can design one for you. Simply provide us with the items mentioned above. There is no additional charge for our design services, and as such, our designs may not be used in any other publication. We pride ourselves in creating vivid, beautiful and compelling ads for our advertisers so please feel free to leverage our talent and experience!


Please have your ads emailed to us, or designs approved, by the 15th (i.e. by January 15th for "Feb." issue; by February 15th for the "Mar." issue, etc.) to michelle@barrettegraphics.com.

Publications are delivered by mail and emailed to subscribers on the last Saturday of each month.


1,275 Homes

Northgate & Flying Horse
1,450 Homes

Jackson Creek
1,850 Homes

1,800 Homes

Total Neighborhood Newsletter distribution to 4 areas: 6,375 residences

Rates *

* Rates are per neighborhood newsletter


1/8 Page

3 5/8" x 2 5/8" - $45 / month Mono - $55 / month Color

1/4 Page

3 5/8" x 5" - $70 / month Mono - $85 / month Color

1/2 Page

7.5" x 5" - $125 / month Mono - $150 / month Color

Full Page

7.5" x 10.5" - $170 / month Mono - $220 / month Color

Full Page Insert

Full Page Insert - Customer supplies copies - $100 / month


Ask about discounts when publishing in 3 or 4 neighborhoods!

Newsletter Neighborhood Distribution

* Clicking on the map pins will show approximate boundary maps – please contact Michelle for details. Businesses throughout northern El Paso County use the Barrette Graphics Neighborhood Newsletters to advertise in Monument, Northgate, Flying Horse, and Gleneagle areas.

Special Offer for Advertisers:

Through a partnership with WSI, Barrette Graphics will provide advertisers with a comprehensive website analysis.

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